North American Dealers

Below you can find the complete list of North American dealers, we have around 300 dealers between the USA, Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico.

In all North American dealers you can find the full range of professional products Rupes, including electric tools, pneumatic tools, low voltage tools and many more.
You can be sure of what you will find when you walk into a store, because Rupes is synonymous with quality and reliability.

Every one of our professional tools that you find at our North American dealers, are produced with high quality materials that have been tested and are ideal for different types of work.
Amongst our professional equipment you can find vacuum cleaners, dust extraction systems, washing systems, polishing systems and a wide range of accessories and consumables.

If you cannot find a North American dealer near you contact us now through this page, or if you would like more information about our professional tools you can find them on this page.